Pouch Packaging in Vancouver: Benefits for Local Businesses

May. 11, 2023
vancouver pouch packaging

Pouches are a versatile and convenient packaging option that has quickly become a favorite among businesses and consumers alike, offering numerous advantages over traditional materials like glass, metal, and paper.

What are the advantages of using pouches for packaging? 

Versatility: Pouches can be made in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of products. They can be customized to fit any product, from small packets of seasoning to large bags of pet food. Pouches can also be designed with various closures, such as zippers, spouts, or seals, making them easy to use and reseal!

Convenience: Pouches are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go products. They take up less space than traditional packaging materials, making them ideal for travel or storage. They are also easy to open, allowing quick and easy product access.

Protection: Pouches provide excellent protection for products, particularly for food and beverages. They are made from materials that are resistant to moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors, keeping products fresh and extending their shelf life. Pouches also provide a barrier against contamination and tampering.

Branding: Pouches offer a lot of space for branding and marketing. They can be designed with eye-catching graphics, logos, and colors, making them stand out on store shelves. The large surface area of pouches also allows for displaying detailed product information and nutritional facts.

How to find the right pouch for you?


• Stand-up pouches (pouches that stand upright on store shelves, making them ideal for displaying products with maximum visibility)
• 2 side seal pouches (pouches sealed on two sides, commonly used for small packaging applications like condiments and single-serve snacks) 
• 3 side seal pouches (pouches sealed on three sides, great for packaging products that require a more compact and streamlined design)

What to do after finding the right pouch packaging?

Functional Considerations:

• Zipper and gusset style can impact the functionality of the pouch, so it's important to choose the right combination for your product. 
• Child Resistant zippers are ideal for packaging potentially harmful products, ensuring safety and peace of mind for parents and caregivers. 
• Gusset styles can affect the stability and shape of the pouch, so it's important to consider the contents of your pouch when choosing the appropriate gusset style.

Zipper Options:

• Child Resistant zippers (zippers designed to keep children from accessing the contents, ensuring safety for all) 
• Standard zippers (regular zippers for easy opening and closing, perfect for everyday use) 
• Powder Proof zippers (zippers designed to keep fine powders from leaking out, great for packaging products like protein powders and baby formula)

Gusset Styles: 

• Plough gusset (extends out from the sides of the pouch, providing more space for the contents inside) 
• Doyen gusset (extends out from the bottom of the pouch, providing a wider base for the pouch to stand on)
• K-skirt gusset (extends out from the bottom and sides of the pouch, offering maximum stability and space for the contents inside)

Finish Options:

• Matte finish (a non-glossy finish for a more subtle and understated look) 
• Gloss finish (a shiny finish for a more polished and eye-catching appearance)


Finish options can be chosen based on brand identity and marketing strategy, allowing you to customize your packaging to match your brand image and stand out from the competition.

Customization Options:

• There is a wide range of options available to choose from, so customers can select the combination of features that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Each type of pouch comes in a variety of sizes, materials, and customization options to suit the specific needs of different products and industries. At Associated Labels & Packaging in Vancouver, our team of experts will collaborate with you to design the ideal packaging solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and take your business to the next level.

vancouver pouch packaging