Agriculture & Produce

Packaging solutions can be complex, especially when it comes to fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. There are more variables to take into consideration to keep your product properly preserved, protected, and presentable while standing out against competitors in a saturated market.

Packaging Options

Digital Labels
Flexographic Labels
Lidding Film
Tomatoes in packaging
Tomatoes in packaging
Tomatoes in packaging
Tomatoes in packaging
Tomatoes in packaging

How Can You Stand Out?

Packaging for produce requires more innovation than any other market and Associated can deliver that. We offer the following services for flexible packaging:

  • Micro-perforation (round and dashed)
  • Macro-perforation (round and dashed)
  • Laser scoring (any shape)
  • Peel and reseal lidding film
  • Food-safe and extended shelf life barrier capabilities
  • Compostable and recyclable films
  • Software for traceability

Between our cutting-edge equipment and staff of experts, we can offer complete precision with your packaging and a guarantee that your produce will retain its quality and stay fresh.

West Coast Seeds

Why Waste?

Our innovative technology and focus on sustainability enable us to offer packaging solutions that result in less food waste, in addition to reduced packaging waste.

Beyond The Shelf

With the growth in online sales of fresh produce, you need to be sure that your product will last. Between our protective and food-safe packaging barrier properties, we can make sure your product is at its best when it reaches your customer.