Our IFS Pacsecure Certification

Our IFS Pacsecure Certification Body

Our entire production facility is IFS PACsecure-certified, which means it measures up to the GFSI-recognized standard for packaging material suppliers and converters developed with the support of leading North American food and packaging material companies. IFS is an all-encompassing, internationally recognized food safety certification that is implemented across our entire facility, from the offices to the production floor.

IFS PACsecure certification involves third-party audits, which use advanced evaluation and reporting methods to verify that we deliver safe products according to current and evolving regulations. We continue to be trained and evaluated regularly. Find out more here.

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Food Safe and Beyond

With the changing regulatory requirements in the food packaging industry in North America, we want to offer our customers extra assurance that their packaging is safe. Founded by PAC, IFS PACsecure is a benchmark by GFSI and is the primary standard that deals exclusively with food packaging, so rest assured your packaging solution is food safe and beyond.

Associated's Scorecard

In March 2018, we passed our first audit with an impressive 93%. Since then, we continued to internally audit and refine our processes to achieve a grade of over 95% in our 2019 evaluation, 96.5% in our 2020 evaluation, and 99.69% in our 2021 evaluation. See all our certificates here.