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Can I upload my files via FTP?

Yes, files may be uploaded and/or accessed using an FTP client application, such as Fetch or FileZilla.

Please use this login info to access our server: 

FTP: ftp://files.associatedlp.com
User: labelart 
Pwd: labelart 

What can I do to save money on my labels?

Send dielines so art is created to the correct size.

When printing a screen / vignette what is the minimum screen value? (Dot value that can be held on the plate)


What type of proofs are available? (Kodak, pdf, laser printout)

PDFs emailed (fast)
Courier laser printout (requires a ½ to full day)
Kodak (on request) closer to colours that will be printed (requires a couple days)

What programs / equipment do you have?

All of our art department work stations are MacIntosh computers.
Quark (page layout) Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop CS5
Illustrator CS5
Indesign CS5

We always use current programs.

What is the minimum resolution for images?
Images must be supplied as cmyk (process) to ensure colours are correct. If we convert them from rgb to cmyk there could be a colour shift.
Resolution must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 100% image size
What is a bleed? What is your standard bleed?

Area outside of the die cut that allows for printing to the edge of the art. Standard bleed is 1/16″all the way around

What file format should I provide my art in?
Save your art in the format native to the program.
Quark Express: .qx, Illustrator: .ai, Photoshop: .psd, Indesign: .indd
If you are not using one of the above programs please save your files as vector art in .eps format.

Please do a collect for output. To ensure all support files are included when you send your art.
What do I need to do to approve my proof?

Sign proof and fax back to us.
Scan signature on proof and email back to us.
We do not accept verbal or email-only approvals.

What are the minimums for: text size, line weight?
Line weight .5 point.
Fonts: We recommend 6 point as we can not guarantee fonts smaller than 6 point will print clearly.
Can you do translations?

Yes any language.

Is reverse text achievable? How do I do reverse text when there is process or a screen involved? What is the minimum size font to use?

A stroke (outline) is recommended on all reverse text when it is placed in more than one colour. A minimum 6pt font should be used for best results.

How should I supply my fonts/text?

Outlined text becomes an image so it is not editable; however, it also does not move or create new line breaks if the font shifts. Live text is fully editable but may move or create new line breaks if the font shifts. Due to licensing and copyrights we may not have the exact font if you do not supply it with your artwork.

How many colours can you print?

10 print stations

How long will it take to get a proof?

5 working days.

Do you have links to Government sites for things like UPCs, Nutrition Facts and labeling requirements?

Yes, please check out our Packaging Requirements page.

Do you create barcodes?

Supply the number and we can create it. We guarantee barcodes that we create.

Do I need to trap my files?

No, we will take care of all trapping here to meet our specifications.

Who do I contact with technical questions?