360-Degree Coverage

Available in a variety of finishes, Shrink Sleeves provide the perfect tapestry for communicating your brand story, particularly on irregular shaped bottles and cartons.  

With our knowledgeable Prepress Department, state-of-the-art Distortion Management Technology, and in-house Digital and Flexographic printing capabilities we have complete control over the finished roll stock we deliver. So you and your CoPacker can have complete peace of mind.

A Clear Advantage

If you choose a clear bottle to showcase your product, the shrink layer can provide complete freedom to place type and imagery exactly where you want it. 

Choosing a UV-resistant stock can improve shelf life and meet your food-safe barrier requirements without compromising your vision.

International Delight in Shrink Sleeves

If It's Not Right, We Can Pause, Fix and Resume

Having end-to-end prepress, production, and testing, gives us the capacity to address issues immediately, without needing to take your production completely offline. Saving time, money, and inconvenience.

Milk2Go in Shrink Sleeves
Man with bottle

Associated Insight

Digitally printed shrink wrap technology offers tremendous potential for innovation like Variable Printed runs where each individual bottle can literally be one-in-a-million.

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