360-Degree Coverage

Available in a variety of finishes, Shrink Sleeves provide the perfect tapestry for communicating your brand story, particularly on irregular shaped bottles and cartons.

With our knowledgeable pre-press department, state-of-the-art Distortion Management Technology, and in-house Digital and Flexographic printing capabilities we have complete control over the finished roll stock we deliver.

A Clear Advantage

If you choose a clear bottle to showcase your product, the shrink layer can provide complete freedom to place type and imagery exactly where you want it. With a range of material and finish options such as high shrink, low shrink, PVC, PETG, and matte – we have something for everyone. Ask us what we can do!

International Delight in Shrink Sleeves

Made in North America

In addition to manufacturing all of our labels and packaging in our Vancouver facility, we source our materials from North American suppliers. Find out why here.

Food Safe and Beyond

IFS PACsecure raises the bar in meeting new stringent government regulations to protect consumers, and we’re proud to offer this quality and assurance to our customers.

In-House Expertise

We work closely with clients and contract packagers to make sure that every part of the production line works seamlessly and delivers the best results, regardless of the run size. Find out more on our pre-press page.

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Laser Focused

Since installing our Packmaster Lasers, we’ve boosted productivity, increased precision and quality, and extended our capabilities substantially. We can now offer macro-perforation, micro-perforation, laser scoring in any custom shape, and so much more.