The Eye-Catching Catch-All

Some products are hard to categorize, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wrap them in an elegant enclosure with high-impact graphics. The Sachet is the perfect sleeve to seal in medium-size servings of powders, loose seeds, squares, oblong biscuits, and almost anything else you can think of.


We’re well-versed in Heat Seal packaging and have extensive experience working with co-manufacturers to supply Sachets that measure up to, and exceed, expectations. 

Part of our success is driven by our IFS PACsecure certified attention to detail, together with in-house tooling capabilities and Standardized Operating Procedures. While we may not offer the fastest turnaround times, we do have exceptionally high levels of consistency, client satisfaction, and repeat business.

Numi teabags in Sachets

One in a Million

Whatever the size of your run, our advanced digital printing technology can make your individual products truly unique. Variable Printing is a new approach that uses vector artwork to create mass market packaging where no two packages are alike. The same technology previously in the hands of major soft drink companies is available to you today.

Vega protein in Sachet
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Associated Insight

Shapes and sizes vary wildly. About the only thing we can’t do is spot varnish on a Cold Seal Sachet. Whether it’s printed on transparent or metalized stock, the material needs to be consistent.

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