Convenience is key in the food industry, and healthy food alternatives continue to climb in popularity. Between our IFS PACsecure certification and extensive product catalogue, we have the resources to create packaging solutions for anything from rice to chocolate bars, and everything in between.

Packaging Options

Bar Wrappers
Digital Labels
Flexographic Labels
Pancake Mix
Chocolate Bar
Salad Dressing
Chocolate Bar

How Can You Stand Out?

With consumers shopping smarter, there is more pressure on brands to make their products as convenient and transparent as possible, in addition to the basic requirements of attractive, safe, and functional. Associated can offer the following to ensure that your product and packaging remains competitive in the fast-changing market:

  • Films with extended shelf life barrier capabilities
  • A multitude of materials and adhesives to choose from
  • Over 1700 die shapes for labels (we truly have something for everyone!)
  • Heat seal and cold seal for bar wrappers
  • Easy-open resealable zippers
  • QR codes and/or bar codes (can be used for smart packaging)
  • Software for traceability
  • Extended content labels
  • Compostable and recyclable films
  • Water-resistant and oil-resistant labels

These are just a few examples of what we can do for your brand. Between our cutting-edge equipment and range of capabilities, we can offer you the flexibility you need and the packaging solution you envisage.

Chocolate Bars

Snack Attack

With consumers looking for convenience wherever possible, more and more brands are branching out into smaller serving sizes or snack options for their food products. With our options of pouches, sachets, stick packs, and so on – we’ve got you covered for any trend!

Get Smart

Bar codes and QR codes can enable brands to build a stronger connection with their customers. This “connected” or “smart” packaging can share more information about your product and your brand with your customers, as well as offer your company increased traceability and counterfeit protection.