Variable Data

This allows you to print different patterns, number sequences, designs, and more on the same run of labels. With applications such as HP Mosaic, which can generate virtually unlimited variations of a seed pattern, and HP Collage, which is similar to Mosaic but users can define the basic components of their packaging that will be part of each and every variation, variable data printing can be done with ease.

Another benefit of variable data printing is the various security options; between multi-layered security, such as micro text and watermarks, you can be sure that your brand is protected.


At Associated, we’re committed to sustainable innovation. Through this, we’re able to offer a variety of eco-friendly material alternatives such as compostable labels, material made from post-consumer waste, and a number of FSC-certified materials.

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Peel Back Labels

Labels don’t have to be limiting. With our peel-back labels, you can fit extra content on your product for anything from additional translations to regulatory content with ease.

AG Waxx with Peel-back Labels


In addition to our excess of 1700 die shapes to select from, we offer tons of customization options, including the following:

  • Water and/or oil-resistant features
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Tags
  • Double-sided printing features
  • Window decals
  • Barcodes

We have an inventory of over 250 different types of label stock, including paper, vinyl, foil, fluorescents, and metalized polymers.


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Made in North America

In addition to manufacturing all of our labels and packaging in our Vancouver facility, we source our materials from North American suppliers. Find out why here.

Food Safe and Beyond

IFS PACsecure raises the bar in meeting new stringent government regulations to protect consumers, and we’re proud to offer this quality and assurance to our customers.

In-House Expertise

We work closely with clients and contract packagers to make sure that every part of the production line works seamlessly and delivers the best results, regardless of the run size. Find out more on our pre-press page.

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Put A Label On It

When it comes to labels, there’s really nothing we can’t do. With full in-house prepress and both digital and flexographic capabilities, we have the technology, expertise and passion to create labels that meet your product and industry requirements. We cater to industries from Nutraceuticals to Beverage to Industrial, and everything in between!