Your Packaging Your Way: Digital or Flexo

Packaging Digital / Flexo Intro

With our in-house specialists at all levels of production, we know the strengths and limitations of digital and flexographic printing, which allows us to direct you to the right print method based on your design. Our sales team are experienced in recommending the method that makes the most sense when it comes to balancing both quality and cost.

Digital Printing

Our fleet of HP presses enable us to offer digital printing with the latest innovations and technology. With programs like Mosaic and Collage, the design possibilities are endless.

You can feel 100% confident in your project with our ability to provide digital samples before print!


Flexographic Printing

Including our enormous 52” W&H press, we have 11 flexographic presses, as well as in-house plate production. This allows us better time and quality control over your project schedule.

We also offer in-house press checks for any flexo projects!

W&H press

Benefits of Each Method




  • Printing Precision

    Ideal for complex and
    intricate designs

  • No Plates Required

    Allows for freedom in design changes and
    updates and minimal set up costs

  • Sustainable Benefits

    Options for eco-friendly inks
    and substrates


  • High Volume, Low Cost

    Pricing decreases significantly as order
    quantity increases

  • Colour Precision

    Uses Pantone Colour System to match exactly
    to the desired colours

  • Smooth Production

    Additional processes (varnishing, lamination, etc.)
    can be integrated into the press line