Chemical / Industrial

In addition to the challenge of creating durable and long-lasting labels and flexible packaging for all of types of chemical and industrial products, we can ensure that your packaging will look the part with our high-definition print capabilities. Between our pre-press team, range of flexographic and digital presses, and our team of specialized engineers and technicians, we can create the perfect packaging solution for your brand.

Packaging Options

Digital Labels
Flexographic Labels
Shrink Sleeves
Sanitizer bottle
Sanitizer bottle
Sanitizer bottle
Sanitizer bottle
Spray Bottle

How Can You Stand Out?

Both chemical packaging and industrial packaging need to withstand more severe storage conditions and ingredients such as water, oils, and chemicals, while still delivering appealing and impactful packaging. Associated can offer the following to ensure your packaging remains competitive in these markets:

  • High-definition print capabilities
  • Variety of label materials/face stocks and adhesives, including thermal transfer and direct thermal labels
  • Over 1700 die shapes for labels (we truly have something for everyone!)
  • Waterproof/oil-proof/weather-resistant labels and materials
  • Extended content labels to ensure all necessary information can fit on your product
  • Sustainable materials available (post-consumer waste, stone paper, etc.) and recyclable films
  • High barrier films to protect product from oxygen and moisture, and extend shelf life
  • Micro-perforation and/or macro-perforation (round and dashed)
  • Tamper-evident shrink sleeves available in a range of materials and finishes (high shrink, low shrink, PVC, PETG, and matte)

These are just a few examples of what we can do for your brand. Between our cutting-edge equipment and range of capabilities, we can offer you the flexibility you need and the packaging solution you envisage.


Keeping Up Appearances

Industrial labels have started to become more focused on creativity, with increased demand for standout designs. While still ensuring longevity, brands are branching out to different face stocks to enhance the visual impact of the packaging.