Sports Nutrition

Health and wellness have become a huge focus for many consumers, creating demand for vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and other similar health-focused products. There are tons of opportunity for innovation in this industry, whether it be a new ingredient or a brand-new product!

Packaging Options

Bar Wrappers
Digital Labels
Flexographic Labels
Shrink Sleeves
Stick Packs
Protein Supplement in Stand Up Pouch
Protein Supplement in Stand Up Pouch
Protein Supplement in Stand Up Pouch
Protein Supplement in Stand Up Pouch
Protein Supplement in Stand Up Pouch

How Can You Stand Out?

We offer the following services for labels and flexible packaging:

  • High-definition print capabilities
  • Range of materials and print options
  • Over 1700 die shapes for labels (we truly have something for everyone!)
  • Extended content labels
  • Water-resistant and oil-resistant labels
  • Sustainable materials available (post-consumer waste, compostable, etc.) and recyclable films
  • Heat and cold seal for bar wrappers
  • Child-resistant zippers and easy-open resealable zippers
  • Easy-tear notches

With the increasing range of products in the sports nutrition industry, you want to ensure that your brand is prepared to expand into new opportunities as they arise. Between our innovative staff, range of products, cutting-edge equipment, and IFS PACsecure certification, we can offer your ideal packaging solution, whatever the product!

Sport bars

Blurred Lines

With products like collagen powders and superfood powder blends, supplements and vitamins are crossing over into the personal care industry and drive innovation. Find out more about the beauty industry and potential product opportunities on our beauty industry page.

Game Changer

Health and wellness is becoming more important for consumers, with supplements and vitamins growing as significant as exercise and diet. With so much demand in the industry, there are tons of room for innovation and brand new products, especially when venturing into the vegan sports nutrition space.