Signed Sealed and Delivered

Our meticulous attention to detail is easy to recognize when it comes to Bar Wrapper roll stock. That’s because we’re one of the few facilities capable of supplying your company or contract packager with both Cold Seal and Hot Seal wrappers. 

Our vertically-integrated operation includes in-house tooling, to ensure that adhesives can be applied flawlessly. So our roll stock arrives precisely as ordered, and there’s nothing to gum up your production line

Food Safe and Beyond

As an IFS PACsecure certified facility, everything we produce is 100% HACCP compliant. When it comes to selecting the right material for your product, we are equally diligent in making sure it meets your specific Barrier Requirements. 

Whether that means metalized stock or a UV resistant transparent wrapper, we know what it takes to provide exactly what you need to succeed on store shelves.

Vega bar wrapper

Proudly Manufactured in North America

As a local manufacturer, we understand the pressures and benefits of working with local suppliers. By focusing on consistent quality, together with locally sourced materials and partnerships, we’re able to compete with anyone. 

GH Bars in Bar Wrappers
Girl picks granola bars

Associated Insight

Given the speed and volume of a production line, Cold Seal Bar Wrapper Roll Stock leaves little to no margin for error. We make sure everything lines up perfectly.

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