Vega Hydrator in Stick Packs

Stir Things Up

Individual servings of powders and liquids can be wrapped in attractive imagery. This is the domain of the Stick Pack. Convenient, robust, and somewhat standardized, it’s relatively easy to dive into this niche package design. Whether you need roll stock for 1 or 18 lines, we have the expertise to provide exactly what you and your production line need to succeed.

Slender Perfection

While Stick Packs are tiny, they still require the same attention to detail we provide on all of our IFS PACsecure food-safe packaging. Our roll stock is printed and perforated to your exact specifications and shipped to your packing facility ready to be heat-sealed on your production line.

Vega Rehydrator in Stick Packs

Looking for a competitive supplier? No problem

We’re happy to provide a competitive bid on Stick Packs or any packaging we manufacture. Given the complexities of bringing a packaged product to market, it can be hard to tell exactly where things go wrong. We can create short-run roll stock (of various dimensions and materials) to ensure the optimal performance of your pack line.

Vega stick pack
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Associated Insight

Stick Packs are one of the few packaging options with relatively standardized dimensions. So, as long as you have the dimensions and the artwork, we can begin trialling in no time.

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