Sequential Packaging vs. Sequential Numbering

Jan. 11, 2012

Sequential packaging is a mega-hot design trend popping up on many custom label printing and flexible packaging designs in a variety of consumer markets.

Designers use sequential packaging and numerical systems to help consumers easily distinguish a category of products; having numbers represent a level, system or order within a group of products. Often there is no actual data behind the numbers shown on the package and it simply represents one product within a system of the company's brand.

Sequential Numbering, on the other hand, can enrich your label printing and flexible packaging design as well as add security to your products, assist in inventory control and traceability. Associated Labels can print a unique number or code on each individual label to suit your specific application.

Beyond sequential numbering, with the help of the Digital Label Printing Division at Associated Labels, your marketing campaign can expand by adding the following elements to your flexible packaging or label printing: variable data, variable image printing, unique 2D barcodes and QR codes.

Contact our sales department to find out how your brand could use sequential numbering and digital label printing to enhance your own product packaging.

Design and Image via Gary Head Design