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Packaging Equipment Body

In 1986, Associated Labels and Packaging began to expand into a full service pressure sensitive label printing house. With this expansion came requests for automatic label application equipment and the subsequent service and support required for these machines. In the early stages Associated Labels and Packaging distributed equipment made by others and endeavored to assist all clients with their application needs.

The tremendous growth of our Label Printing Division led to the demand for development of our own line of pressure sensitive label applicators. The need for locally manufactured equipment became very evident and through the course of time the demand created Associated Labels Packaging Division.

Our application equipment is now in use throughoutNorth America in such widespread industries as food and beverage, cosmetics, agriculture,
 and chemical.

Today we not only custom manufacture label application equipment for most industries but we also integrate other automated equipment into our lines to support our customer’s needs.

At Associated Labels and Packaging, it is our goal to design and install equipment that will assist our customers in reaching their production and sales goals. Our equipment is competitively priced but it is built to standard, not down to someone else’s price.

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