Graphics That Set Your Brand Apart

Competitive products may appear similar or virtually identical inside the bag, but the visual real estate of a Stand Up Pouch allows you to communicate your distinct brand attributes with maximum impact. 

Making sure the materials, dimensions, and style of your package flatter your product is equally important. Heavier products need structure to remain upright, while lighter products benefit from design details that allow them to sit higher and fill out the package.

In-House Expertise

From our prepress department and precision die and fabrication equipment, to our state-of-the art digital and flexographic presses, we maintain the highest standards and look after the details that make your Stand Up Pouch truly outstanding.

We work closely with clients and contract packagers to make sure that every part of the production line works seamlessly and delivers the best results, regardless of the run size. 

Zipper pouch

Made From Materials Sourced in North America

In addition to manufacturing all of our Stand Up Pouches and multi-layered Roll Stock in our Vancouver facility, we source our materials from North American suppliers to ensure product quality and turnaround times. 

Superfood Pouch
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Associated Insight

Contemplating a new supplier? It’s easier to send us your package rather than guess at the specifications. We can then provide an accurate quote or recommend design changes that work better for you in the long run.

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