Off The Hook

Once inextricably linked to hanging hooks in grocery store aisles, the development of advanced printing techniques, the use of more high-end materials and the wider adoption of 3-Seal designs have made the Flat Pouch the ideal package for individual sample sizes of high-value items. 

More traditional 2-Seal designs, while not as polished, can still be spruced up with superior finishes and graphic design while retaining their more functional advantage of greater storage capacity. Either design can naturally continue to incorporate Hang Holes.

Works Well Within Barriers

Paying careful attention to the Barrier Requirements of the product you sell is critical to sourcing, creating, and delivering the ideal packaging for your business.

This doesn’t mean you’re handcuffed with an off-the-shelf look. Our team can help determine other materials, including clear plastics, metalized membranes, spot varnishes and even papers that can be bonded together to form your unique look and feel. Often for less than generic, over-engineered packaging.

Mota Flat Pouches

Environmental Consideration

Our locally sourced materials and roll stock are available in a multitude of options that align with your company’s triple bottom line. From 100% recyclable plastics to compostable plant-based materials, we have what it takes to have you looking your best.

RealFood Flat Pouch
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Associated Insight

There are times when the ideal, premium design is best delivered through a state-of-the-art digital press, rather than traditional flexographic printing. We can help you find the best way to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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