How to Choose Between Clear or Matte Window for your Stand-up Pouch?

Jun. 12, 2024
Image of Clear Window on Stand-Up Pouch

Clear Windows

Draw customers to your shelf by letting your product speak for itself with a clear gloss window on your Stand-up Pouch (SUP’s). This transparency allows customers to asses and build trust for your quality ingredients and portions with their own eyes. All-while being able to imagine themselves tasting your carefully curated product right there in the grocery store aisle.

From a packaging design perspective; the uniformity or even variety of colours and textures of your product can create a backdrop that is unique to your brand (seen here with One Degree Organic Foods Stand-up Pouch).

Matte Windows

Matte windows on the other hand can have their own benefits to consider. If your product has oils or coatings that are a bit too messy for a clear window, then a matte window can create a sense of elegance and imagination. Using other packaging design elements such as professional imagery or artwork can tie together a more cohesive look for these pouches.

Packaging Solutions?

If you are still unsure which option would best suit your custom packaging, contact our sales team to help draw out your decision making through poignant questioning.

Requesting samples is another way to see how other customers have used these techniques to make their pouches stand out from the competition.

AssociatedLP is here to support and showcase your company’s uniqueness through custom packaging design.

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