The Unexamined Package Is Not Worth Packing

Aug. 18, 2023
Demonstrating old and new packaging design

Think back for a moment to a time when you were making a decision about your latest packaging iteration…


What state of being were you in? Were you under tight deadlines, stress or responding to a trend? Were you trying to outmaneuver your competitor’s package or being told what you should do by a designer or packaging expert?


Often times decisions like these ‘don’t feel right’ after the fact, and can be misaligned with what your company is trying to achieve with its packaging. This can simply be from not being in the right frame of mind or not knowing which questions to ask in order to make the decision yourself.


Consequently, these decisions can stay with us unexamined for years once set into motion. A useful question to reflect on might be: “What are the circumstances required to have discussions with your team and suppliers that lead to decisions that 'do feel right’ about packaging?”


A great source of integrity resides in your company values, and secondly, when thinking about what product and packaging unity will achieve for your customers. Our role here at Associated Labels and Packaging touches on our own company values in creating the circumstances to listen deeply and cultivate genuine relationships with our customers.


We want to truly understand each other, to enable mutual development and evolution of our companies. This occurs when we have done everything in our power to ask you the right questions and ensure decisions come from you.


If you have not experienced this, then it’s time to make your product worth packing.