E-Commerce and the Beauty Industry

Apr. 29, 2020
e-commerce beauty

Continuing with our series on the impact of e-commerce on packaging - today's blog post will cover the Beauty & Personal Care industry.

Whether brands sell their product online or in stores, some things remain the same for this industry. There is a considerable emphasis on packaging appearance: mainly the feel and design of the packaging itself. Some of the most popular finishes can be accomplished using soft-touch materials, foil, embossing, and so on. Whether consumers come into contact with the packaging in-store or after it's delivered, that experience contributes significantly to the consumer perception of the overall product.

Another thing to note is that consumers who purchase beauty products online are more inclined to look for more information regarding ingredients and what a brand stands for, especially if they're purchasing directly from their website. Beauty brands must ensure that their website reflects their brand image accurately. Their website acts as an opportunity for consumers to understand the brand more than they would if they purchased a product in-store, but it also means that the brand may be under more scrutiny. Savvy beauty consumers expect products to be cruelty-free with natural ingredients, and for brands to showcase diversity and embrace beauty in all forms.

This post only scratches the surface of what consumers look for when it comes to beauty brands online. To find out more information about the finishes we offer, or inquire about packaging for your brand, contact us through our online form or request a quote online today!