Traceability For What Counts

Packaging Equipment Traceability Body

Traceability is a relatively new development when it comes to security in packaging. Integrating traceability software into their film allows companies to keep track of their raw materials from the time they enter their facility to when they’re released into the field. This is an extremely valuable integration for food companies, especially produce, as it increases supply chain visibility, improves quality control systems, and reduces risk. Monitoring and recording each step in the production and distribution history allows companies to react quickly should any issues arise with their product.

At Associated, we offer software traceability by adding tracking to the Best Before date printed on the film of the packaging. This software can track and record all information about the production of the product, the time and date the product was packaged, and all the steps in the production process. With this information, brands are able to rectify any issues such as contamination or poor quality by tracing the issue back to one of the monitored steps.

Between our contacts and resources in the industry and our specialized team, we can ensure that your product is protected on its journey from the fields to the fridge.