CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Green Mile Original Ltd.

Jun. 19, 2024
Customer - Green Mile Original Logo

Green Mile Original Background

Green Mile Original Ltd. is a team of legacy growers that bring old school strains and styles to our grow operation. We are a kraft cannabis licensed producer and thrive on the boutique style of selling for our customer.

Customer Questions

How does your product embody the changes you want to see in your industry?

We feel that bringing back the OG vibe to the industry is what is needed. The technology has over complicated this simple flower. Leave it as it is and make it the best it can be.

Cannabis Flower

What is a guiding principle for your company that you will not waver on?

Quality and love for what we do. We take extreme pride in our passion to be different than the rest.


How does the level of care coming from your employees, methods and company ethos get translated into creating a unique experience for customers?

When our customers indulge in our product, they will experience our culture. The way we take extreme care for every step comes out in the end. A true hippy experience!


How does your experience at AssociatedLP complement your own company values or goals?

AssociatedLP is very aligned with our own values and goals. They seem like they care that extra bit. Every department we have dealt with has the same positive energy and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done in a fun but professional way.


AssociatedLP Products and Services

Learn more about AssociatedLP's Custom Cannabis Packaging by clicking here, or speak with a Sales Executive.

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Our company will do whatever we can to ensure your experience and product represents your company's expectations. 

We start by deeply understanding who you are as a company, and what your aims are to direct your custom packaging.